Unrequited love;
the infinite curse of a lonely heart;

Hello! Indigo here. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here, but I’ve decided to make it official, this blog no longer in use.

To put it simply, I have no interesting in roleplaying anymore. I’m not certain how long this blog will stay up after this post, maybe a few weeks or a few months, who knows.

However, I’ve made this post for any of my followers/friends that wish to keep in contact with me, or possibly feel worried by my sudden disappearance.

You can reach me on my main blog, or contact me on skype (witheredlilli). As well, since I’ve been away for awhile, you might need to give me a little reminder of who you are, especially if you’ve changed your url.

Thank you for your time, and have a good day!


I will! .. One day.


That day is not today. Another day.

Which means never!




Then do it.



Who says I can’t do that? I’m perfectly capable of running around in shorts.

Can you say the same at -40?

Best part about being a vampire in winter is I can run around in shorts and you can’t.

Anonymous whispered:
You have the coolest name ever AKSKFFK

((You think so? oAo ))

Fill In These Things About You
Name: Indigo
Birthday: 28th January
Height: 5'7
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Black
Favourite band/artist: Simon Curtis, Florence + The Machine, Globus
Favourite song: ---- (Can't choose)
Favourite food: Chicken fried rice
Favourite season: Spring
Favourite animal: cats, wolves, foxes, etc.
Favourite movie: Hunger Games series
Are you currently in a relationship?: Nope
If so, are you happy with them?: ---
Anything you need to work on?: Actually, no.
Who ended your last relationship?: --- (Never been in one)
Are you friends with your ex?: ---- (Don't have one)
Do you prefer someone shorter or taller?: Shorter
Dark hair or light hair?: Dark hair
Smart or attractive?: Smart (but attractive to a degree)
Is creativity attractive?: Yes
Do you care how much money they have?: Nope
Your last phone call: Some unknown number. Otherwise, my brother
Your last text: Work-related
The last thing you ate: Cereal (Lucky Charms)
The last thing you drank: Coke in a glass bottle
The last song you listened to: Kidnap My Heart (The Click Five)
The last book you read: Uh Attack On Titan
The last movie you watched: Catching Fire
What is your heritage?: English, German, Hungarian and apparently Norwegian?
Do you play any instruments?: Nope. Used to play trumpet
What are you pets’ names?: Sparkly, Diji and Satin
Your favourite board game: Monopoly
A random childhood memory: My older brothers locked me in the crawlspace. They were so evil

((Alrighty. I’m thinking of returning to rping. I’m still doing test runs for the next few days, though. However there are a few things I’m going to point out:

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ah…then at the rate I’m going yeah. I’m going to lose it. damn. 

I could regain my sense of fun, really, but I’d have to let go of all self control and allow myself to go insane. You probably can’t do that, though.




* pokes him and smiles a bit* boo youre no fun dude

[rolls eyes] Yeah well eventually old immortal beings just lose their sense of fun, so you’ve just got to deal with it.

…will I lose my sense of fun too…

Depends on your experiences.