Unrequited love;
the infinite curse of a lonely heart;
My kitten needs a friend (closed rp)

Snapping the buckle onto the harness Dimitri just put onto his kitten, he reached for the leash to finish securing his kitten. He wasn’t intending to walk Livia to Amelia’s house, he was only preparing for his skittish kitten’s safety. He didn’t want to risk the kitten getting scared and jumping from his arms and getting hit by a dangerous car. And cages were just cruel.

Scooping up Livia, he gently pet the kitten’s ear while slipping the loop for the leash around his hand and headed out the door. Shooting a glance up at the sky, the vampire relaxed. It was cloudy enough for him today.

He walked slowly to Amelia’s home, not exactly in a rush. Part of him still did not want to go to his friend’s house, and found locking himself inside much more appealing, but his kitten was getting bored. Of him, especially. She’d play with him for only a little while, then go totter off to sit in front of the window. He’d bought her tons of toys, and allowed her outside once in awhile— on a harness only— but still his kitten wasn’t happy. Maybe she needed a friend.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Dimitri pulled his head up, realising he was already at Amelia’s door. Holding in a sigh, he raised his hand to knock before stepping back and waiting.

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